“Dory’s path has lead her to be a dynamic supportive presence. I admire not only her skills and wisdom, but her ability to listen, see, cheer, and hold a grand vision for those who she works with.”
– Rev. Joshua Reeves

“Dory and I met over a year ago. She called me, a registered Practitioner with the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, to explore our fit as Practitioner and client. We worked well together and, even though she was not yet a licensed Practitioner, I was well aware of her grounding in Science of Mind and felt it was unbalanced to continue as client and Practitioner. We gradually worked into our present situation of prayer partners.  We meet each week, sharing concerns and triumphs, revealing to each other areas which have opened up for us, areas that remain sticky, and then do a treatment for each other. In the meantime, she has worked hard and obtained her license and is joyously busy setting up her practice in just the way it serves her and her clients well. My experience with Dory has been nothing but positive and I highly recommend her as a well-versed Practitioner whose intention is to serve.”
– J. Looman, RcS. Practitioner

I have known Dory for almost 20 years. During that time, we have been companions on the trek along the spiritual path. Dory is a sincere and dedicated spiritual seeker and spiritual counselor. I have been blessed by receiving prayer treatments and counseling from her and always felt strengthened in my faith and confident in Divine Right Outcome. I highly recommend Dory as a spiritual coach.
– Rev. Carole Rose, Unity Minister, Stress Management Coach

“I have known Dory for over five years. She has been a great friend and is now a supportive colleague as well. She is a loving presence committed to making a difference in the world. She takes seriously the United Centers For Spiritual Living’s vision to “create a world that works for everyone” a reality. One of the things that attracts me to Dory is her ability to listen and speak from her heart. She is nonjudgmental, authentic and sincere about developing a Spiritual Practice that is inclusive of all.”
– Rev. Juanita Gardner, RScP