Q: What are some of the benefits of studying the Alexander Technique and Ergonomics?

A: By studying the Technique, you will find improvements in every aspect of your daily life, such as: sitting comfortably, standing for long periods of time without tiring, being comfortable in the car, speaking from your diaphragm, working at the computer without strain, breathing naturally, getting in and out of bed or off the floor with ease of movement.

Q: What are some of the conditions that the Alexander Technique and Ergonomics can benefit?

A: The Technique helps ease and often can prevent many kinds of conditions, including: repetitive stress disorder, back pain and other musculoskeletal pain, sciatica, and sports injuries. It can also help people who are living with scoliosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neuromuscular diseases.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes. Many have noticed an improvement right away, usually after the very first lesson. A recommended series might be 10 sessions to start. Just like learning French, you will notice more improvement the longer you study.

Q: What will this cost me?

A: Lessons are $65.00 each. Dory gives a discount if you purchase a series of ten lessons.
Note: There is a $30 cancellation fee for anyone who does not give 24 hours notice.

Q: How often should I come?

A: For the first 4 weeks, it’s best if you come at least twice a week. Of course, everyone’s schedule is different, and Dory is very flexible.

Q: How else can Dory’s lessons help me?

A: The Technique can be applied to sports such as basketball, running, golf, bicycling, dancing – any activity you can think of. It is also helpful for actors, musicians, singers, and other performing artists.

Q: Where does Ergonomics come in?

A: Dory will help ergonomically arrange your workspace, your home, your car, or any other area where you spend a lot of time, all without expensive equipment. She can help you find the ideal sleeping position, as well as ways to stand comfortably at the sink while you do dishes, brush your teeth, etc.