“I came to Dory as a classical guitarist living with pain. She helped me relearn how I was physically and mentally playing my instrument and today I am 100% free of all arm and hand pain. I was recently retested by a professional neurologist with the same tests that diagnosed me with moderate carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome three years earlier and I was completely cleared of all problems and I’m now touring Southern CA professionally. Thanks Dory!”
– Amy Hite

“I have always felt completely safe and comfortable working with Dory. She seems to have no ego in regard to her work, and indeed encouraged me to let her know anytime anything didn’t feel right. Her only concern has been for my comfort and health. Many times I have gotten up off the table after a session and felt as if I was in a new body, loose, and free and upright. Over time, my chronic shoulder “hunch” has lessened considerably. I recommend her without reservation.”
– Dr. Diana Marder

“With Dory, I feel at ease and safe to be myself. Dory style is lighthearted and fun. I always feel supported and good about myself, as she creates an open and comfortable environment and I love the lessons.”
– Ruby Resnick, Alexander Technique Teacher

As a very new student to the Alexander Technique, I call it magic.  If you are ready, Dory can help you find a place of freedom and complete relaxation that can change the way you look, sit, stand, walk, and run.  It is totally amazing.  I still have a lot to learn, and I know Dory can help!
– Adam H. Littig

A Personal Experience:

This is such a great example of using the Alexander Technique. I was in a store and sat down on a chair, which collapsed to a flattened position with me lying flat on the ground on top of the chair. As a practiced Alexander Technique Student/Teacher I used my awareness and thinking to help me. I started to notice and let go of some of the stress my body took with this fall. I thought about my neck and shoulders and let them be easier. I went through my entire body, thoughtfully inviting ease as the Alexander Technique teaches us. After about 20 minutes, I worked with the two gentleman from the store and they gave me the support as I was able to allow my head to lead and my body to follow to get up from the ground.  I was still not feeling well, but I am also sure I was better for keeping calm by using Alexander Technique awareness and thinking skills to release tension.

A friend suggested I put this on my website. When you learn to choose how to respond, as opposed to just reacting to whatever happens to you, it really feels like a triumph. It is much better for you.

– Dory Steinmetz